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Let's start by saying their service is only slightly better than a paper plate and piece of string. Today, it took me 45 minutes to dnld an Adobe Flash 16.8 mb update, and 30 minutes to dnld one from Microsoft.

Of course emailing only gets a canned, "I cannot help you, go to phone tech support" response. Well, been there, done that, so many times I now email them and let them know I am going to the Wildblue complaint site to tell people how bad they are. They promise up to 12mb dn and 3 up speed. The best I have registered is a little over 6 and 1.75; approx.

half what they promise. Their phone support people blame you and your equipment, but occasionally someone will slip and tell you they are aware how bad they are. That, is after waiting on line for 30 minutes or so. When it rains, w/o warning their connection goes down so you have no way of saving your session.

Their bandwith monitor is a joke but they swear by it. Well, I know they get paid to lie but they must think we are all pretty *** to fall for the same story every time. They cannot, and will not, prove exactly what you use, but they sure will throttle you down when their meter registers you hit the limit. There have been months when I have lost connectivity 50-60 times and they say it's my router.

I know it isn't but they insist it is!!! Consumers Report listed them as the worst; solid black across the board and I am waiting for a response, but not holding my breath, as to how they plan on improving their service. I would not have these people if I had a choice, but I don't.

I can only hope either enough people will complain to the point they improve service, or another provider enters the area I live in. I am not optimistic on either, but I sure and PISSED!!!

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At this point, I am going to pay the disconnect fee and call Cox!

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