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I am really getting tired of the slow speeds and then they slow my connection even further if I go over the usage. Who limits the usage on the Internet.

I live in rural WV so I am screwed!! Can't get the phone company to run the equipment in my area to get DSL. I am even on the pro-package through Wild Blue and I am still going over the usage. I don't know why or how because I don't get on the net that much.

This company needs shut down and all of the execs need to be punished. I think an old fashioned stoning would satisfy me right now.

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This company needs to be put out of business! My only other option is NO internet and I am seriously considering it!

If I have to pay to break a contract with them I wonder why they don't have to pay us for breaking it with their lies? If anyone knows of a current lawsuit please let me know. I find it ironic that the federal government is giving them incentives (our tax money)to provide better service and those services are being offered to only NEW customers. From what I read, their services are worse than ours.

Wildblue is just sucking money from anyone that NEEDS connection without providing a decent service. WE ALL NEED TO SUE

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