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Wow where to start, it's a shame company has to lie, I asked before it was installed is this anything connected to wild blue , they said no so I got excede, after that I went to contact them and low and behold it's the same crappy company. I had wild blue in the past and it sucked and it still does. There is no one here all day and we watch tv at night very seldom am I on the computer and then it's Facebook or checking my email, and 2 weeks into the month data allowance gone, I have called the so many times about this ***, you gonna cut down my speed cut my bill, this company needs to close, it's a rip off, as soon as my contract is gone so am I, this is awful better business has been contacted everyone should send their complaints, maybe then they will listen we all can't be wrong , this needs to be stopped

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Dundee, New York, United States #856641

If anyone is considering using WildBlue Hi-Speed Internet via Satellite, Viasat or Exede (all the same satellite internet provider company) don't do it. I made the mistake and it has been a nightmare, no service every time it rains, not just at my location but also at some remote place in Canada where they have an uplink, they mixed me up with a woman by the same name in Michigan and gave me all of her private banking info and her mine. They have over billed and when I have wasted enough time with them on the phone and am now ready to stop service, I was told that not only will I be billed for 7 more months but that through an "implied contract" made by allowing them to install service I must climb on my roof and take down the satellite dish or pay $125.00 for them to send someone our to remove it and return it to them or be billed for the cost of the dish.

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