Newton, Mississippi

I tried numerous times to explain to the service person that my service had slowed too much, but they were all dumb or acted dumb. One tech even hung up on me.

I finally reached a "manager." She scheuled a service call. That guy did nothing. He said that wild blue was slowing every ones speed down so it would be so aggravating that we would pay another $149.00 plus fees, taxes to upgrade to a new dish and modem. This is a Direct TV company and they send out someone from Dish to boot.

I buy the "PRO Package" @ $86.00 plus for speeds up to 1.5 MB per second.

I have 3 pcs and that would be approximately 333kbs. I am recieving only up to 30kbs. Now they are going to charge me for a "service call" and their speed is still S*!T. My daughter got DSL from ATT and phone service for about $50.00 a month.

and it is 100 times faster than this lying wild blue ***!! I signed a 2 year contract, but when it's up in a few months, they will be dropped!! I hate a business that keeps you holding on the phone 40 minutes, service goes out every time it rains, they lie about the great service they will give then i don't get what they promised..

This is a rip off company. DO NOT USE THEM!!

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