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Slow due to transmit time and the download limit is very deceptive!

The time it takes to send and receive is lengthy (you can count out load before the data is received) VERY SLOW even if you get the best package (worse with the value packages). The thresholds are very deceptive. If you have the 17 Gigabyte package, you cannot exceed 70% of that amount per rolling month or they slow you down to almost nothing (they reduced me to 20kbps) that's slower than dialup. The dialup I had was better than the Wild Blue transmit time. Don't forget if you hate the service, they will stick you with the cancellation fee: $135 for me (the service sucks and that's why they make you sign a 2 year contract). It was worth the $135 to get ride of the service($15 per month).

Review about: Wildblue Internet Service.

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I don't have time to read all the complaints about the exceede program but I can tell you I think dialup is more reliable. I've been a wildblue customer for 5 years and switched to the exceede this spring and it is the worst. I have a choice between dialup or satellite where I live and I'm about ready to go back to dialup.

I do not recommend it to my friends and I don't recommend it to anybody reading these comments

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