The service did not work properly, speed so slow that downloads and programs could not load, checked by 2 technitions, they lead me to upgrade twice,at higher costs. Now charging my bank account large sums, that were promised to be credited to my account, Charged for equipment that the arranged to have picked up by UPS.

have tracking number, day ,date, time, location, building number, dock number, where it was returned,Per their arrangements with UPS, and now they say the box did not meet the weight of the equipment, and they were the ones that put the weight limit of 5 lbs. on the shipping label. So they charged me $160.00, for the Treia, as theyclaim the box only contained the modem. Really!!!.

They claim the weight of both parts would be over 5 lbs.

OK, why did your company print and issue this lable to UPS, with the wrong weight on it, How convenient.... Beware of this company !!!!!!

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I live in the country so my options are limited. I was told going with Exede was no-risk due to free install and 30-day trial.

Performance was awful. Reliability was worse than awful. There is something wrong with how they track usage as I ran thru my 10GB in about 10 days and couldn't even get online for several of those days - I have since been told that their attempts to reestablish a connection with satellite on bad days counts against your usage. I finally had enough - on day 26 I called to cancel ...

only to be told that the 30-day trial ONLY applied to people directly converting from the old WildBlue system. They are charging me $400 to terminate my contract.

I feel totally ripped off, but will pay the money to get away from these people. DO NOT GET EXEDE!!

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #591299

Installed two weeks ago , what a lie from Comcast, slow, no connection. Have called tree times and they blame it on my computor/router. Will get rid of it even if I have to take it to court.


we got the Wild Blue dish for our mountain house. It is far better than the Hughes system which we gave up on.

We do get good speeds. 8.8m on the download and 2.5m on the upload. The ping rate is slow at 715. My system is unlocked because we are located in the deep mountains.

Many of my neighbors stop by the house and do their email and they all say it works fine. We now download videos which we could not do with the Hughes system.

Regarding getting refunds, I am having a difficult time in getting Hughes to stop billing me through the credit card even though I terminated the contract. It is exactly the same complaint that neighbors had with Hughes.


We all need too turn them into the Better Bussiness Bureau and lets go LIVE on Channel 2!!!!!!!!!!!


DON'T get Dish internet aka Wild Blue! Dish told me on the phone that this was high speed internet!


They installed this for us yesterday and it took 3-4 minutes for anything to open! The Tech was still here and I told him that was crazy! Nothing is wrong with the equipment. I was told by Dish that as soon as it activated that I was bound by a contract.

There is NO way we can use this! I promise that most of the time it would say check your internet connection because it took so long to open. I wanted to make sure it wasn't my computer so I stuck in an air card type deal from AT&T and it opened windows one after another with no problem, went back to Wild Blue and had problems. SO Dish employee O Zero P tells us they will let us out of the contract with no penalty and cancel the service and pick up the equipment today.

When nobody showed up today my husband called Dish back and was told we are being charged over 400.00 for early cancellation. we were told a bold faced lie!!!!!!!!!!!!STAY AWAY from Dish internet and Wild Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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