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I ordered wildblue exede. I canceled on june 4 2012 before the install.

They said i would get my money back within 14 days. After 16 days i called there billing dept They said the request never got to there dept. Now i have to wait another 5 days. I was told i wasnt the first one to call in and complain about the same thing.

Sounds like they dont like to refund your money. But they sure dont have a problem take it.

If i dont get it back in 5 more days. I guess i will have to call my bank to deal with them.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Exede took $194 from me when cancelled the service. I have one month left on my contract.

They told me the refund check would take a month and it never came. Then, when I called back. The refund had been cancelled. The tect informed me that I had been lied to by the previous tect.

And no refund will be issued. I have you ever seen business practice done like this?


Something like this happened to me. In June also i wanted life time lease for $219.00 one time lease fee.

They didn't give it to me on my first bill. So i called them and they said sorry you can't get it. The offer was still going on today.

Go my first bill one week after install by email. Im also going to start a web sight.

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