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how do you spell, junk? wild blue, this is without a doubt most unreliable Internet out there i can not stand them it's pretty bad when cellular data is more reliable when you can get 4g an 4g LTE it's way better this Internet is alway's losing connection every minute I'll be so glad when me an my family move back in city where we can go back with cable internet when we had Comcast an bright house lighting it was million times beter an it cost less you can't enjoy Netflix Amazon instant videos none of them because of there data plan 25gbs get real this isn't 1993 anymore must people like to stream it's future not watching direct junk tv or any cable with all those annoying commerical's they should let you have plan where you can pay extra have add free tv them doing one decent commerical back to internet they wonder why streaming gotting so big why everyone likes it more right there why this internet trash makes it where your stuck with internet goes down everytime it's cloudy moreless a storm outside same this with there trash direct tv, durning 12-5 am said's (free) well I think it's lie there been so many times around same time from 1-3 download like 1-2 GBS than internet just goes down they say well we're working on something like right they just don't tell truth they data cap you some cable internet does it but at least they can tell you striaght up some cable internet may have a data plan to but at least they give you 200-300 GBS something reasonable to work with were back in hick trash town be so glad come March to move back north and be back to civilization i would feel sorry, for them if this nothong town got cable internet

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i don't live in Chicago, I just noticed this i live in nothing town in Florida, but wanted to slam wild blue anyways,

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