Before you buy wildblue satilite service please read their FAP (Fair access policy) first. Took them two months to install, then two weeks after the service was running I was wacked with two FAP violations that slow your speeds dramatically for 30 days per violation.

I'm currently unable to recieve e-mail or access the internet at all. Be mighty careful of these ripoff artist, I would suggest staying away from them all together. Talk about a big money waster.

Their company officials are telling me that I should still have access to the net and e-mail just at reduced speed. Not the case!!!!!!!

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As another of a long list of dissatisfied customers, I feel it is my obligation to voice my dissatisfaction with the service that was promised and the service that was,rather is sometimes received!


I've written my own review and you are right. WB is the worst, at getting service, reaching a manage/supervisor, and is slower than dial up.

I pay for the "Pro Package" and it don't mean *** to those yokels. they sent me an e mail that i could "upgrade" to EXCEDE for an installation fee of $149.00 plus other fees and taxes.

They actually think people would upgrade with them, after ripping us off like this??? Goes to show what real AHs they really are.

Ottumwa, Iowa, United States #255307

I have been a Wildblue customer for a little over a month now. I hate it!

The service is slow and it goes out constantly.

Don't expect service if it is raining, snowing, or cloudy outside even though your TV Satellite always seems to work perfectly. The Wildblue is just slightly above Dial-up service except that the Dial-up is much more reliable.


Wildblue sucks. I pay 80 bucks a month for a low monthly download limit, and very lacking speeds.

Just another way to take advantage of people without any other options. Hope their headquarters gets bombed.


There are definetly positive things about living in the country....WB is NOT one of them. Eighty percent of the time they are either off line or slower than dial up.

Today it took half and hour to check the email!

And talk about customer service, it is totally lacking. But then when you have a monopoly why be concerned about customer relations.

Someday DSL may reach us and when it does WB will get a big fat KMA...that's military for "kiss my butt"!


I wouldn't have any trouble with WB's fap policy if they were forthcoming with usage stats and history. When I got home from a 5 day vacation this week, I had an abuse email - basically a warning that I was approaching my limit, but they also use very heavy handed, threatening language - sent the day I had left. When I checked their simple graph - which shows only accumulated usage and is by their own admission inaccurate by 24 hours - my usage was at 64%!

If I could monitor my daily usage and history, I would know when I was approaching my limit, and scale back usage accordingly. As it is, we use their service blindly, and only know we have reached the limit when they say so, and obviously it is at their whim, because 64% isn't even close to that. If they have the information, they ought to be obliged to share the exact same stats with their customers.

It is like driving a car without a gas gauge and having to guess when you will run out of fuel.


and by the way whom did you two call to set up the service..I can gurantee it wasnt Wildblue as it it standard practice to go over FAP..I would assume you were trying to bundle (not recommended) and bought this service through Dish or Direct ronnie1776@hotmail.com


with so many ways to sign up for the service you shouldn't fault a company for providing a service you are receiving . As it is a satellite you are receiving the internet from outer space there are some stips.

You are handy with the internet as your posts reflect, Wildblue and myself actually over-disclose info to prevent comments like yours...Aluminum is a dead giveaway for a pole mount. ( 150 charge )which leads me to believe you used an independent dealer


Wildblue is great when it works. However, we recently bought out our contract with Wildblue because of their terrible customer support.

We had issues with our FAP reading early on in our contract. It said we used twice our monthly allowance. I couldn't imagine that we had used that much. We weren’t watching movies and filesharing or anything that would run up our use. I called and they said there records showed we had. I called three times and each time they would not let me speak to a manager, would not provide me with specific numbers or dates, and the buyout cost was the same as our monthly charge. There was nothing we could do but wait for 30 days for it to come off. Fine. My wife and I work from home and it was difficult, but we got through it. I installed a meter on each of our computer and our router to make sure if it happened again I would be able to argue with more conviction.

And for a while everything was normal. We were using a few gigs a month. Then suddenly they reported that we used nearly 20 gigs in three days. We weren’t even home to use the internet. So I called and told them that my router and other meters showed average use. Well, guess what? They still didn't care.

In there defense, their customer service approach had changed somewhat. We were actually able to get some number and talk to a supervisor. After several hours on the phone, technical support finally reached the conclusion it must be the modem. They said we could replace it for $200. BUT we still wouldn't have internet for 30 days. No way around it.

Then there was a little beam of light breaking through the clouds: they had changed their buy out policy. We could escape for a mere $15 per month. We bought out our contract and switched to Alltel (soon to be Verizon) and not only is the customer service great, there is NO FAP & it's actually even faster than WildBlue. I don't typically post reviews, but I just wanted to pass this on. Best of luck to all. :)

Phan Thiet, Kien Giang, Vietnam #69368

The FAP was most definitely a suprise as was the extra $215 to install the antenna(apparently it can't be installed on a metal roof or vinyl siding, which was never mentioned until the installer arrived) and the $30 added to my first bill that I have no clue what is for.

Just because a company writes a book of small print about their product doesn't make them right or honest. They obviously don't care to make sure that their customers are aware of these agreements before purchase. In fact nothing is mentioned until the installer comes and asks you to sign 5 pages of agreements before he can start work. Oh and can't forget about the 24 month term agreement that nobody mentioned until then.

Wildblue is quite obviously an unorganized cash cow with everyone in line to take us country yokels to the bank best they can before the cable lines get layed down.

At least for all the extra expenses and other surprises I have a decent connection, others seem to have had worse luck.


Sounds to me like a Hughes Net employee.

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #63435

The download and upload limits are clearly posted on their site. READ.

The company should be complaining about users like yourself. What an ***.

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