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My experience pretty much dittos everything in the previous posts both here and other forums about the guys. But, being stuck where DSL ends 2 miles north and Fiber Optic starts 2 miles south that's about all there is for broadband.

Hughesnet isn't any better. I upgraded to the 12gig package because of speed and getting Fapped a couple times. I'm in fap right now and it takes over 2 weeks of checking e:mail and then turn everything off until the next day to get out of it, all the while Wildblue takes your money for full service. I do not understsand why that you can be at 80% of your threshold and within 24 hours be over 100% and you've done nothing out of the ordinary.

We don't game here, do videos or any of the other high horsepower stuff. Additionally, their claimed down load speeds have never, ever been anywhere near what they advertise.

I know, all this was in the fine print of their service agreement, but...they are still bandits in disguise! I'm about PO'd enough right now to go back to dial up.

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Bscharf, if you are experiencing difficulties with your WildBlue or Exede service, I would like to offer help. Can you please send me your account information at along with a description of your troubles. I will follow up and work with you to resolve any current issues.

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