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I have been a customer with Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service for 5 Years. Last year when they went to the Exede service, I bought the 15 Gig a month service. For the last 11 months I have been questioning Wild Blues monitoring of my usage. They claim I am using almost 1 gig a day and I am not. I don't stream large amounts of video, maybe 15 minutes a day on the high side. I wait till after 12AM to do any large uploading or downloading during the free time, (12AM to 5AM). I have, over the last 11 months, filed 9 tech supports tickets to try to find out what the problem is and not one time has Wild Blue contacted me back with ANY information.

I have jumped through many hoops and done everything they asked me to do to no avail. They continually sweep it under the rug. Its like they are saying "if we ignore him enough maybe he will go away." Thats NOT going to happen...obviously.

The only conclusion I can come to at this point is that ViaSat is intentionally gouging its customers on the bandwidth issue and lying about it. This conclusion come directly from their actions, and inactions.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of complaints posted on various site against ViaSat, many of which are exactly the same bandwidth issue I am having. I would appear that I am not alone. If you are someone that is having problems with ViaSat Wildblue please join me here and maybe we can pressure them to start to do the right thing.

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they are such crooks....I can be out of the country and still run over my allowance....Ive had it 3 years...id switch if I could get anything else

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