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Our problems with WildBlue started the day we had our system installed. I should have known better and had them take their equipment and leave, but I thought that we would be able to solve the problems.

Then a few months later we needed to move to a different service area and we really found out how bad things were. They had setup at least three different accounts in my name so the telephone service technicians weren't able to have a consistant conversation from one call to the next. None of the technicians could verify that they could provide service where we were moving to but they would argue that we still owed the contract. We finally stopped the automatic payment, which they did not dispute, but now 8 months later they have sent us to collections.

They never did send the boxes that they require to be used for return of their equipment and have made no attempts to verify that they could provide us with service. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY FROM WILDBLUE, and tell everyone you knw to do the same.

Review about: Wildblue Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #583301

Well will wonders never cease. We received the equipment return packaging and have now followed the instructions to the letter.

The package should leave our possession in the next day or so. We have taken photos of all of the equipment and the package so that we can prove what we did. Can you imagine feeling the need to do this? If WildBlue processes the return with the same efficiancy that they have handled the rest of this mess we will probably finish up about next Thanksgiving.

We'll see what happens and I will post the results, good or bad.

The next issue is going to be the collection process that they have turnd this over to. That one really gets under my skin.


I understand the frustration that you are experiencing with this. I would like to take a look into this situation on your account. If you could please email me what name and phone number were on your account at, I can review the situation and see what can be done to help you out.

to Exede Nick Columbia Falls, Montana, United States #582889

Oh I can do better than that, but it will stay in this forum so the whole world can see what does, or does NOT, get done.

Look up account #300233450, then look up all of the history including the various different accounts that have been created for my name at that address. Then lookup Ticket #11036837 issued on 12-09-12. That Ticket should be for the shipping of return boxes to my home address. But the boxes still have not arrived. Go Figure THAT One!!!!!!

Then lookup interaction #4471715 and listen to the recording, if there is one.

If you can find an adult in ANY position of responsibility then tell them the story.

Good luck, I'm sure that the Kindergarten is in session and there will be plenty of children to share stories with.

to Exede Nick Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #588523

Hey Nick is that e-mail address you listed above linked to you directly? My husband and I are having a nightmare of an issue with Wild Blue as well.

I cant get anywhere with the customer service people or supposed supervisor I spoke with today. What they did to me is illegal, i have been lied to over and over since last Wednesday. They dont seem to feel bad or want to do ANYTHING to compensate and fix the situation. Please I need some help :cry :? My husband is contacting the better business bureau and our state attorney general on this matter.

This needs stopped now!!! Before other innocent customers have to go through this.

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