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I have been a Wildblue customer for almost 2 years.I have never had the download speed that I paid for and I even upgraded!

They have a Fair Access Policy which will prevent you from even getting on the internet if you exceed the download amount you pay for, but that is bound to happen because you have to keep your computer running for hours, even days in order to download anything. Their excuse when you call their poorly named customer service department is "many people are on the web, so it slows the speed". So, from anywhere from a few days to a few weeks you can barely get on to check your email and it take several minutes for a page to load.

Everyone that has signed up for Wildblue in my area is complaining of the same problem.Basically, you are paying for internet service, but not getting it, and you still have to pay no matter how slow the service is!

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Wildblue has the poorest customer service.They fraudulently charge your credit card after you cancel service.

Then they claim you have to pay for service you didn't use.

Will end up having to file a dispute with your bank and you will be very frustrated.Besides the fact that they don't give you what they tell you that you should get speed wise you should not experience the fraud of this company.


Their Internet service?sucks!!!

Their Customer Service is even worse. You have a problem, they sub-let the problem to one of their repair companies,then want to charge you $200.00 to fix THEIR problem. I was living in a Rural part of Texas before I moved here and had no problem with Wild Blue. But here?

It's frigin' terrible.

The population of this city is 80,000+.So I know it's not the excuse.


They really need to step up to the plate and compete with the big DSL companies and give UNLIMITED data to all users and allow STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF.We pay $130 for this and we could have Charter and pay $35 for better internet if we could have Charter.

We come crawling to them to get decent internet and they have us pay way to much.F U Viasat YOU CAN GO SHOVE YOUR WILDBLUE

Stockton, California, United States #636333

WildBlue/viasat is a complete farce.DO NOT INSTALL THEIR EQUIPMENT.

They promise 3x the speed. There was no difference in their speed versus DSL. 2 hours after equipment was installed I called to tell them computer was no faster than before. They told me I was locked into a 2 year contract, and if I want to disconnect their service it would cost me $350.

You have NO grace period to test their equipment. They are very rude and uncourteous. They dont care.

They have your credit card, so BEWARE.


I had been on DIAL-UP ever since I had Internet at home.B/S.

AT&T won't give us high speed. MAy 2012 I got Wildblue / Exede and so far, 6 mos., have been VERY pleased with them. No billing glitches, kind, helpful people on the phone, reasonable prices - and they even upped my usage allowance without increasing my monthly charge.

Sorry others had problems.More should write in who have not had problems.


BTW when I cut off my Wildblue service they contnedto Bill me ONLINE for 2 years even though I had sent them a letter via certified mail that I had discontinued and I had terminated the AMEX card that they were trying to bill me on.Their Billing office and customer service MUST NOT Be connected.

But to be fair when they first started I did get decent service for the first 2 years that they were in business.


Finally a VP of the company contacted me after I contacted AMEX about them with their long overdue failure to stop the billing requests.GLTA


Wow, Thanks for the INFO guys, I had WB 7 years ago when it first came out & stayed with them for 2 years.Then WB had a glitch & my employer paid for a Sprint MBB card and I haven't been back.

Since that time (5 years now) my Sprint service is getting spotty and I was wondering about the EXEDE program since I never did take my dish down. However I see the Verizon truck down at the corner and a BIG ORANGE SPOOL of Fiber Optic cable is being laid in my development.

So it doesn't look like I am going to need that dish nor this MBB card much longer.Thanks for the update!


We had Wildblue for a little over 2 yrs.We switched to another service so I called to cancel the Wildblue.

We never received the box to send the modem & tria back in so I called about 2 weeks later & they said the first operator did not cancel it properly. So we finally received the box. Sent it back but then was charged $321 because they did not receive it soon enough. Should be illegal without sending me a notice first & it is not my fault their customer service does not know what they are doing.

Talked to 3 people, 2 of them were nice, the other one was very very rude & tried to blame me by saying that the equiptment was not sent back soon enough. But it was because they were going by the 1st date I cancelled where the operator did not complete the cancellation. They agreed to refund the $321 but it will take 3 to 5 business days for the refund to be put back into my account. Meanwhile, I am overdrawn on my checking account & completely broke.

Yes I live paycheck to paycheck unfortunately.

The speed was slow & was not worth the price, almost as worse as dialup.If that refund does not go thru they will be hearing from our lawyers.


Had wildblue for 6 six years.Service was terrible most of the time.

Thispast august of 2012, the whole wildblue system quit working. We were told we HAD to upgrade to the new Excede program. We did, and it still works like ***!! And then they charge us the $79.95 for wildblue service and we didn't even have it!

I call customer service at least twice a week and get a different answer every time. They still won't credit our account. But they were sure quick to charge us $327 for the new Excede system!! It is all a total rip off.

Don't upgrade to Excede cuz that's even worse!!!!:x


I ruined a perfectly good relationship with Hughes Net thinking hey faster speeds with Wildblue, what a mistake!This has been the worst experience i have ever had.

I had to ask the first tech to leave and never come back. rude to the max. 2nd tech made a good impression so i was convinced. Got connected on the 7th and was disconnected on the 18th of the same month.

I was harassed daily because my billing cycle was on the 8th i was considered late 2 days after the initial installation.

They dont honor credits they suck in customer service.By far this has been my worst mistake!!!

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