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Update by user Jun 03, 2011

I must correct the error of my complaint of stolen money from my account by WildBue. net.

It was my error, NOT WILDBLUES\'.

I read my account posting on my account wrong.

But a month out from buying WildBlue Internet Service, I am not satisfied with the service I recieve for the overpriced Internet.

They are continually disconnecting. Off, 2 minutes. On 2 minutes.

Call them and one person will tell you they are doing work on the systems. Next day call and person says they had no outage yesterday, then argues with you that you didn\'t have outage.

Also have never had the speed they said I would have.

Another, they didn\'t give the \"Terms of Service Agreemeent\" for me to read untill about 3 weeks AFTER service was started.

The agreement should be read BEFORE any kind of work or installation and signed personally by the consumer. NOT an online, electronic signature.

Original review posted by user May 03, 2011

A division of Direct TV stole money from my account and said they would not return it, but keep it until the next billing cycle, which is a full month.

They said if i put it on here they would not lose any customers anyway, in a tone of, "We can steal and do anything we want."

I am so PO'd. I was told they were better than Hughesnet. NOT!

HughesNet has NEVER stolen from me.

Good honest companies are not found any more.

I'm on a fixed income and when stuff i don't know about comes out of my account, it comes from my dab of grocery money.

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Wildblue is not a division of Directv. We install it, but hate it.

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