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Ok so many people who live in the country or rural areas know that it's hard to find high speed internet service, Dishnetwork suggested Wildblue. Finding that it was the cheapest place out there (by very littler) we went with it.

Worked so what great (much better than dialup) untill one i went to log on to my home school sight and found i had no network access. After several calls to wildblue, and them telling us that is was MY computer that had the issues and 2 days of missed assignments, we talked we one very snotty person sayin "you've went over you usage rights, and we had to cut you off, your service will come back on next month" it was the 15th. So we upgraded now to the highest level and still have this problem there site where u can monitor your usage comes up with an error screen.EVERY time, even on someone elses net and computer.

I would NOT recommend this site if u like to download music up date your computer or even play xbox live.

I think they should cut your downloading not your full net service. Atleast that for the price we're paying.

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I've had WildBlue for just over a year now. I've never exceeded my bandwidth but from what I read in the contract, if you do exceed your limit they cut your speed to "dial-up" until you get your bandwidth back under your limit. It doesn't say anything about cutting off the service entirely.

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