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There internet speeds are a lie, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

Please listen to all these reviews and stay away from these guys.

Worst *** internet service i have ever had, I currently run dial-up speeds

if that tells you anything, its completely absurd and asinine.

Whenever it rains or snows the internet immediately goes out and i cant do anything.

As far as playing ANY onlines games, Its a complete joke.

These are the pings i get with these games.

WoW - 1K + Ping.

League of Legends - 400+ ping

D2 and D3 - 800+ ping

Again, worst internet service available.

Review about: Wildblue Internet Service.

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No satellite internet is suitable for gaming due to latency. If anyone told you it was, they lied.

If anyone with Wild Blue or eXcede told you that, they likely knew they were lying. I'd make sure I didn't pay them a dime

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